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So Beautiful, So Destructive...

Invasive plant species negatively effect our world in a variety of ways. But before we can take action, we need to get closer to our enemy.


Many of these plants are deceptively beautiful and it is their charm and persistence that has allowed them to take over our fields, woods and even our back yards.

They are not bad plants, they are just behaving badly in the midwest.

Velvet Leaf, Abutilon theophrasti

What can we do?

Armed with botanical art and a spirit of environmental stewardship, we can heal the ecosystem and prevent further damage.

Kelsey is currently documenting invasive plants of the Midwest as botanical watercolor paintings. Bridging the gap between science and art, she hopes these botanical paintings will help people identify these threats to our wetlands, fields, forests, and farms.


These artworks and information about each plant is now available in a booklet entitled Lost in the Weeds.


To order a copy of the booklet click here

This is just the beginning. To contribute to this project please contact Kelsey via email at

Japanese Barberry, Berberis thunbergii

Upcoming Events

Artist Talk:


Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University,

May 4th, 2022 from 12-1pm

Free and Open to the Public

Click Here for more information


Waukee Public Library, June 12th-June 28, 2022

Click here for exhibition info

Morning Bell Coffee Roasters, July 1st-29th, 2022

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